Innovation style

Story from R&D proposal to practical use through industry-academic-government collaboration

It is a mechanism to promote the practical application of high added value products and technologies.This is derived by repeating the process consisting of applying R&D results to actual manufacturing, identifying problems by users, and promptly feeding back problems to R&D. This will enable you to "brush up to better results", "to discover more value-added needs that were latent and unnoticed" and so on.

Here, we will summarize the essence of the innovation style (process from research proposal of practical application tool / technology, through test use, practical application, diffusion spreading in companies), common success factors and tasks in the main research themes advanced in this project. Please use it as a guide for research and development at universities and other research institutions which aim for practical application of technology and at a local small and medium enterprises which aim for high value added product development through industry-academia-government collaboration.

All documents are written in Japanese.