We compiled a link to a movie related to SIP Innovative Design/manufacturing Technologies. Please refer to the movie, to help you understand the content of the research.

 *Some of the contents of the movie other than those performed by SIP are included.

Outline of SIP Innovative Design/Manufacturing Technologies


Interview with Sasaki Program Director [Japanese] (Link to Youtube)

Super-Upstream Delight Design and Innovative Manufacturing Technology

  • Manufacturing Initiative through AM Innovation

    Prosthetic leg for Athletics manufactured by AM "Rami"

    Prosthetic leg for Athletics manufactured by AM "Rami" (Ver2016)

  • Research on Innovative Design/Manufacturing Methodology of Tailor-made Rubber Products and Socio-Economic Value Co-Creation with Reactive 3D printer

    The world's first Vulcanized rubber 3D Printer [Japanese]

  • Research and Development of Bio Innovative Design Technology

    Research and Development of Bio Innovative Design Technology [Japanese]

Super-Upstream Delight Design

  • Construction of conceptual design methods using topology optimization for rapid and creative product development

    Outline of topology optimization [Japanese]

    Level Set-Based Topology Optimization Using MATLAB

  • Development of intelligence-based workspace to optimize design process and to inspire ideas for products

    Introduction of research contents [Japanese]

  • Development of Innovative Delight Design Platform

    Delight Design Platform Concept Movie

Innovative Manufacturing Technology

  • Research and development of innovative manufacture using molecular adhesion technology

    Molecular Adhesion Technology[Japanese]

  • High-Value Added Ceramic Products Manufacturing Technologies

    Practical use of AD method ceramics coating [Japanese]

  • Revolutionary 3-D Printing Systems of Designable Gels to Develop Novel Applications and Markets

    New Manufacturing with High Strength Gel and Gel 3D Printer [Japanese]

    3D Gel Printer「SWIM-ER」[Japanese]

  • Development of laser coating methods for realization of high value-added design and manufacturing

    OPIE’16 SIP Demonstration of Laser Coating Technology with Explanation by Professor Tsukamoto [Japanese]

    Muratani Machine Manufacture Co., Ltd. : Multi-beam Direct Injection Laser Coating Apparatus [Japanese]

    Osaka Fuji Corporation : Molten Pool type Laser Coating Technology [Japanese]

  • Development of Innovative Intelligent Machine Tool based on CAM-CNC Integration Concept and sophistication of machining technologies

    Intelligent machine tool prototype to realize 3D printer-like operation