Tools and Technologies which realize Innovative Manufacturing

Product planning, Design

Conceptual design

Tool/Technology Feature
Minority Analysis Method and Tool The world's first minority analytical method that focuses on minority opinions as a method to extract user needs and derives results that have not been thought out from conventional statistical methods. In particular, it aims at spreading to small and medium enterprises that have not utilized such tools.

Detail design, Modeling

Tool/Technology Feature
Product Shape Conceptual Design System(Topology oprimization + CAD model generation) Structural optimization system for designers that can be used after being added to 3DCAD, which enables topology optimization capable of seeking optimum structure ideas with high performance and engineering meaning without gray scale (impossible structure) or overly complex structure and automatic recognition of analysis surface from optimum structure and conversion to CAD model.
Design-System for Thermal/Electromagnetic Wave Control Device Structure For example, a system that supports conceputal design by topology optimization of micro / macro structure based on multiscale analysis, such as generating complicated texture patterns on the surface of shell. It is possible to provide high-function or new-function heat / electromagnetic wave devices that have never been before.
CAD system for Prosthetic Legs Socket CAD system for prosthetic legs incorporating expert knowledge of veteran prosthetic orthotist. Separate the design and manufacture of the prosthetic legs which was done at the same time in the past. By performing the manufacturing with a 3D printer, it is possible to limit the work of the technician to the design using this system, and the working time is reduced to 1/4. By recording and reproducing design data, it is possible to improve the efficiency of education and the training of technicians.
Personal Adaptive Design Tools based on Digital Human Engineering and Smart Factory
  • ・Measure user's feet using smartphone
  • ・Generate 3D model of user's foot
  • ・Provide shoes according to user 3D model and running pattern
  • ・Proper price and delivery date linked with Smart Factory for required specification

Simulation, Evaluation

Tool/Technology Feature
Laser Coating Simulator:SPLICE The world's first simulation code that combines high functionality (evaluation of complicated physics from a laser irradiation to a melting / solidification process considering phase change), versatility (corresponds to arbitrary shape, boundary condition, material, laser irradiation condition, etc.), and multiple functions (corresponds to coating, welding, fusing, drilling, metal stereolithography). For improved convenience, man-machine interface has been improved.
Support System to achieve uniform plating thickness In electrolytic plating, it is very important to achieve uniform plating thickness. Conventionally, only the experts devise measures such as shielding plate placement. By using this tool, even less experienced workers can design the optimum placement of the shielding plate within a short period. It provides improved yield, productivity, and also it can be a outstanding training tool to contribute human resource development of electrolytic plating engineers.

Manufacturing technology

3D fabrication technology

Tool/Technology Feature
Dispenser Photocurable 3D gel printing system Direct manufacturing of gel objects such as organ models and human body parts is possible! By using "gel which containing water" which can not be achieved with conventional soft materials, it is possible to produce shaped objects that are closer to living tissue.
· Resolution: 500 μm, work size: 300 × 300 × 300 mm
· Hardness and Softness can be changed.
· Multiple materials can be manufactured at the same time.
Polyurethane 3D Printer Apparatus and Dedicated Material
  • ・Three-dimensional manufacturing of objects with gradient elastic modulus is possible.
  • ・Excellent permanent strain and wear resistance to thermoplastic polyurethane.
  • ・Overwhelming superior fracture characteristics compared with UV curing type.
UV Cross-linked Rubber 3D Printer Apparatus and Dedicated Material
  • ・Cross-linking shaping without metalic mold can be done. (cross-linking : reactions that change the physical and chemical properties by linking the polymers each other)
  • ・Light-curing type high viscosity rubber material unprecedented in the world which can be molded without using metalic mold by discharge lamination
Vulcanized rubber 3D Printer Apparatus and Dedicated Vulcanized rubber Material World's first practical vulcanized rubber 3D printer that can be manufactured without metal mold.
Multi-scale, Multi-material Forming Apparatus between Different Kind of Polymers Manufacturing technology that can supply products with greatly different mechanical properties for each place on demand by By additive manufacuturing of polymer with a wide range of modulus of elasticity. Manufacturing range 50 mm cubic, manufacturing accuracy 50 μm, elastic modulus range 100 kPa to 1 GPa (10^5 range).
Metal Material Characteristics and Shape Control Technologies for Design and Manufacturing 3D manufacturing method for metallic materials for advanced structure that realize "anisotropy" by controlling both shape and material from its various scales such as atomic and microstructured to create unprecedented new functions.
High resolution, Microscale 3D fabrication system (multi scale type) We provide apparatuses capable of multiscale fabrication which is difficult to manufacturing by conventional methods. Fabrication apparatus capable of high-definition 3D modeling with a processing line width of submicron to several tens of micrometers (femtosecond pulsed laser method, blue laser method and ultraviolet laser modeling method). Multiscale fabrication apparatus using optical fiber (processing line width 1-980 μm). Not only photocurable resin but also ceramic mixed resin can be used for fabrication.
High resolution, Microscale 3D fabrication system (popular edition) Apparatus capable of fine 3D fabrication with submicron processing line width. Aiming at spreading to companies and research institutions, we adopted inexpensive and compact blue semiconductor lasers.
Super Engineering Plastics 3D Printer Apparatus 3D printing apparatus capable of manufacturing many super engineering plastic parts having a melting point of 300°C. and a tensile strength of more than 80 MPa. Recycling of unsolidified material powder is possible, and material consumption is also small.
Ceramics 3D Printing technology (Ceramic powder manufacturing/Slurry layer manufacturing) Manufacturing technology suitable for small lot production and prototyping of porous ceramic members. It is possible to realize a shape (especially a hollow shape) impossible to realize by conventional methods.
Nanoparticle Composites Production System The world's first system capable of continuously mass producing integrated particles (composite particles / granules) obtained by electrostatically adsorbing additive particles to base metal particles. It is possible to provide an ultimate mixed raw material powder capable of uniformly introducing nanomaterials. The mixing ratio of particles can be controlled freely.

Functionality-adding technologies

Tool/Technology Feature
Laser Direct Drawing Apparatus The apparatus capable of laminating metal (Cu) - polymeric real multi material with a pitch of 20 μm or less and a forming area of 2 × 2 × 0.3 mm on the free curved surface in the atmosphere. Continuous drawing of conductors, semiconductors, and nonconductors in a series of processes can be made by changing drawing conditions.
Supermetallization technologies (Optimization of sulfonitriding immersion condition, Heat treatment of stainless steel in Nitrogen atomospere, Nano-grain-diamond high dispersion plating)
  • Innovative metal surface treating technology that can add new value to common raw metals
  • ・On demand sulphonitriding technology according to required properties, and its steel parts.
  • ・Extremely high corrosion resistant stailess steel by a heat treatment technology in nitrogen atmosphere.
  • ・Ni-P nano-daiamond dispersion plating technology and the plating solution.
Hybrid Ceramic Coating Technology (HAD) Improvement of sealing property, corrosion resistance, surface hardness, heat resistance, etc. by a room temperature / low temperature ceramic coating of a three-dimensional object.
Multi-beam Laser Coating Head Apparatus We have developed coating head which heats raw material powder injected from the center with plural laser beams to form a film. As a result, it becomes possible to form a film with high precision, and at the same time, it becomes possible to control the beam profile at the processing point, thereby improving the quality of the film.
Multi-beam Direct Injection Laser Coating Apparatus We developed a fine, low distortion, high precision laser coating technology. This makes it possible to apply to the fields of electronic equipment, medical equipment, etc. which have not been applied so far.
Molten Pool type Laser Coating Technology We succeeded in forming a film with little thermal influence on the base material by the laser coating method with precisely controlled laser heat input and powder supply amount compared to the conventional weld cladding method using arc and the like.
Different materials adhesion technology (Metal-Japanese lacquer, Resin-Plastic, Resin molded parts-Metal, etc.) Adhesive strength enough to destroy the base material is realized. Since an adhesive containing an organic material is not used, there is also an advantage such that the environmental burden is small and the adhesive does not protrude. It is also possible to join with metals (stainless steel, titanium, tin etc.) hard to react with Japanese lacquer.


Tool/Technology Feature
Die-free Hybrid Sheet Forming technology A technology that can mold a plate material of multi material such as Ti, stainless steel and resin plate from a foil shape of 0.2 mm thickness to a 2 mm plate material into a free shape by friction stir incremental forming. By adding friction stirring to conventional incremental forming, various materials such as titanium , which are hardly processed materials, and acrylic resin can be formed into complicated shapes without a mtetalic mold.


Tool/Technology Feature
Innovation Forum System With the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME) as a hub, we built a web conferencing system that allows unspecified people to exchange information with confidence. Web TV conference, screen sharing, chat function and so on.
Innovation Conference System A system that enables more convenient holding of various conferences, which are information dissemination and exchange places, by IT. This system has functions such as HP which is easy to newly establish and update, application for conference, creation of program, upload of preliminary manuscript, review, review export draft.
Platform of Network by Artificial Intelligence for Delight Art
Just by registering or searching for technical information (seeds) or technical subjects (needs) to be resolved in free format, "needs for seeds" or "seeds for needs" is presented by matching using AI's natural language analysis.