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Development of Manufacturing Technology for Innovative Apparatus and Innovation Society from Central Japan

Shorten processing and assembly process by establishing multi-scale / multi-material manufacturing technology
Research institute
The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, Nagoya University, Nagaoka University of Technology, University of Fukui, FAIN-Biomedical


Additive manufacturing by 3D printers has excellent potential to create a revolution in manufacturing process. In contrast, it represents a credible threat to the fabrication and assembly processes which Japan is good at because the printing technology can skip some steps in the process and shorten the process time.

In this theme, we are working on establishing multi-scale, multi-material manufacturing technology which enables us to shorten the fabrication and assembly processes (Figure 1). Conventional manufacturing technology is inadequate to fabricate multi-scale and multi-material structures, namely, multi-scale, multi-material manufacturing technology needs to attract diverse players from a wide range of fields and industries.

(Figure 1)
(Figure 1)


The development goal of this theme is realization of breakthrough technology for multi-scale and multi-material./p>

  1. Development contents

    Development of multi-material (metal-polymer, dissimilar polymer, dissimilar metals) and multi-scale manufacturing technology (Modeling area:100 cubic mm, Precision:20μm, Elastic modulus:100k-1GPa).

  2. Final goal

    Realization of manufacturing technology for high performance medical equipment(Figure 2). Precise heart model parts(Temperature measurement function:60~80℃,Precision of temperature measurement:2℃,Stray current reproduction function, etc.).

(Figure 2)Precise heart model parts
(Figure 2)Precise heart model parts

Implementation contents

  1. Development of multi-material laminating technology for metal and polymer(Figure 3)

    Realization of high-speed, fine multi-material writing in the atmosphere by femtosecond laser direct writing method

  2. Development of multi-scale and multi-material additive manufacturing technology of dissimilar polymer materials

    Realization of three-dimensional structure production with the desired characteristics and functions by additive manufacturing such as dip coating and 3D printing

  3. Development of die-free hybrid sheet forming technology

    Friction stirring Incremental forming, measurement of formed shape by digital image correlation method

(Figure 3)Metal lamination onto polymer by laser direct writing method, prototype temperature sensor
(Figure 3)Metal lamination onto polymer by laser direct writing method, prototype temperature sensor