— (A)Super-Upstream Delight Design —

Development of Innovative Delight Design Platform

We will develop design tools that enable attractive products beyond performance
Research institute
The University of Tokyo, Zuken Inc., Lattice Technology Co.,Ltd., TADANO LTD.


In the future product manufacturing, not only "obvious quality" expected by the user, such as performance, but also "attractive quality" beyond that are being required(Figure 1).

However, the method of designing such products (quality) is often dependent on individuals (experts), and it is difficult for ordinary designers to try.

Therefore, on this theme we are developing a support tool that enables general designers to design products with "attractive quality" .

(Figure 1)Attractive quality and Delight design
(Figure 1)Attractive quality and Delight design

Delight Design Platform Concept Movie


As a key technology for constructing a platform for delight design, we set "Kansei database", "Kansei modeling", "Kansei integration technologies", "Kansei reverse technology" and develop prototypes of these tools(Figure 2).
Next, we will verify this prototype technology for concrete product cases, and we will also promote commercialization of parts (software, libraries, guidelines) that can be put to practical use and commercialization as appropriate.

(Figure 2)Delight design platform
(Figure 2)Delight design platform

Implementation contents

  1. Kansei database

    It expresses the relationship between user's sensitivity and product attributes. We are developing specifications, construction guidelines, prototypes, etc.(Figure 3).

  2. Kansei modeling

    We develop the prototype of the model (Kansei model) which incorporates the function / structure of the product, along with the Kansei database, on the MBD (Model Based Deign) and develops a method of supporting kansei design using it.

  3. Kansei integration

    We will develop a function that cooperates with Kansei model and CAD of electrical system and mechanical system. Specifically, we are developing an interface that links MBD and electrical and mechanical CAD systems.

  4. Kansei reverse  

    By scanning or sensing existing products and users, we will develop technology to build its detailed model and Kansei model.

(Figure 3)Construction of Kansei DB of Sound of Hair Dryer (Evaluation Grid Method)
(Figure 3)Construction of Kansei DB of Sound of Hair Dryer (Evaluation Grid Method)