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Optimization of Snow Sports Equipment Utilizing Measurement Integrated Computational Chemistry

A gold medal for a Japanese player by developing a design and evaluation method to accelerate the evolution of tools
Research institute
Tohoku University, BLACKPEARL JAPAN, GALLIUM, Doshisha University, Hokusei Gakuen University, Tokai University, Hokusho University, JAPAN Para-Ski Federation


In contemporary competitive sports, using excellent tools is a major factor in winning and improving results. The trend is particularly noticeable in snow sports. At the Chamonix Winter Olympic Games in 1924, the average speed of winners of the 50 km cross-country ski competition was 13.4 km / h, compared to 28.1 km / h more than twice at the Sochi convention in 2014. Although there is also the strengthing of ability of the players, not only that but also the evolution of tools such as ski and wax contributes greatly to the improvement of record.

In order to maintain superiority in the snow sports competition, there is a tendency that many of the latest tools are kept secret except for their own players. Therefore, in this theme, we aim to accelerate the development of domestic tools through a collaborative framework across regions and fieldsand contribute to the victory of Japanese athletes.


  1. Wax

    Fluorine compound candidates with penetration depth of 200 μm or more are found by establishing multiscale simulation and instrument analysis method on permeability, low friction and water repellency.

  2. Snow board

    Establish evaluation system and snowboard design method, evaluation item, evaluation method.

  3. Chair ski

    By optimal aerodynamic design and prototyping of the windshield (cowl), we aim to shorten the record by 1 second in terms of downhill event.

  4. Advanced measurement technology

    We will accelerate development speed through environmental measurement and motion measurement.

Ripple Effect
Acquiring gold medals at the Olympic Games, expanding the competition population, and improving the quality of life for people with disabilities, etc,.

Implementation contents

  1. Wax

    We are working on simulation of prototype wax with new compound addition(Figure 1).

  2. (Figure 1-1)
    (Figure 1-1)
    (Figure 1-2)
    (Figure 1-2)
  3. Snow board

    We are working on making static characteristics evaluation jigs for snow boards and evaluating on snow(Figure 2).

  4. (Figure 2-1)
    (Figure 2-1)
    (Figure 2-2)
    (Figure 2-2)
  5. Chair ski

    We are carrying out prototype of cowl, analysis by CFD, wind tunnel experiment(Figure 3).

  6. (Figure 3-1)
    (Figure 3-1)
    (Figure 3-2)
    (Figure 3-2)
  7. Advanced measurement technology

    We are advancing self-development of high precision GPS and are trying to add friction coefficient estimation system to conventional snow evaluation(Figure 4).

  8. (Figure 4-1)
    (Figure 4-1)
    (Figure 4-2)
    (Figure 4-2)