— (B)Innovative Manufacturing Technology —

High-Value Added Ceramic Products Manufacturing

Establishment of ceramics manufacturing technology without molding "mold" by 3D additive manufacturing technology
Research institute
TOTO LTD., NGK INSULATORS, LTD., NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD., NORITAKE CO.,LIMITED., National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Osaka University, Japan Fine Ceramics Center (JFCC), Kyushu University, Tohoku University


Ceramics members have supported the most advanced core industries in Japan, but in recent years China and Asia have been catching up intensely. In order to maintain international competitiveness against such a situation, technological innovation that creates new value by reviewing the conventional manufacturing process with a large proportion of personnel expenses and energy costs is essential.


  1. With the aim of breaking the constraints of conventional ceramic manufacturing process, we will establish 3D additive manufacturing to eliminate molding "mold" and complicated shape which is impossible in the past will be realized. In addition, by hybrid coating to three-dimensional shape resin and metal, new value and function will be given to resin and metal(Figure 1).
  2. (Figure 1)Creation of innovative ceramics products
    (Figure 1)Creation of innovative ceramics products
  3. We will bring innovation to the ceramics industry by establishing the foundation for creating innovative ceramics products.

Implementation contents

  1. 3D additive manufacturing technology

    We are developing an additive manufacturing technology that does not require a mold and a direct laser sintering method that does not need post-sintering(Figure 2).

  2. Hybrid coating technology

    We are developing hybrid adhesion and high functional film formation technology to three dimensional shape by using hybrid AD method which integrates the advantages of both methods by continuous switching between AD method and thermal spraying method and fine particle slurry spraying method.

  3. Foundation construction (materialization technology)

    Based on the above platform technologies, we will build the foundation of innovative production technology based on ceramic members of each company.

(Figure 2)Ceramic members by 3D additive manufacturing
(Figure 2)Ceramic members by 3D additive manufacturing