— (B)Innovative Manufacturing Technology —

On-demand 3D additive manufacturing of structural functional materials and 3D devices through the creation of fluidic materials

Inkjet 3D printing of ceramic materials fabricated by supercritical hydrothermal synthesis
Research institute
Tohoku University, DIC Corporation, NISSAN MOTOR CO.,LTD., TOSHIBA TEC CORPORATION, Panasonic Corporation, Kuraray Noritake Dental Inc., National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Tokyo Metropolitan University, Kyoto University, AIST Chubu, JAPAN FINE CERAMICS CO., LTD. (JFC), Hosei University, Nagoya University


In the manufacturing industry in Japan, structured functional materials / devices have high profitability and high profit margins, but it is expected that shortening lead time of development will become "key" in near future. Under this theme, we will tackle.

  1. Development of functional ceramic composite nanomaterials, and their high-concentration and high-performance ink (fluidic materials)
  2. Development of 3D manufacturing technology for fluidic materials by inkjet method (IJ)
  3. Shor-lead-time development of devices (artificial teeth, 3D Li batteries) made of structured functional materials by 3D printing technology and establishment of new innovation style.

It was difficult to shape the conventional ceramic materials at 3D manufacturing by inkjet printing, because highly-concentrated ink shows high viscosity. We are aiming to enable high concentration filling of ceramic materials by supercritical field hydrothermal synthesis and organic modification(Figure 1).

(Figure 1)Technology for high-concentration and homogeneous dispersion of nanoparticles by supercritical hydrothermal synthesis
(Figure 1)Technology for high-concentration and homogeneous dispersion of nanoparticles by supercritical hydrothermal synthesis


  1. FY 2014 - FY 2016

    Development of YSZ nanomaterials and their high-concentration and high-performance ink
    Development of inkjet head/system, and trial manufacture of artificial teeth/Confirmation of shape performance of Li battery using the system

  2. FY 2017 - FY 2018

    Establishment of preparation technology for high-concentration and high-performance ink of structured functional materials, inkjet 3D printing system technology, and functional device technology
    Establishment and demonstration of innovation creation system

Implementation contents

  1. R & D of fluidic materials

    Development of high-concentration and high-performance ink (fluidic material) based on the fundamental technology of supercritical hydrothermal synthesis.

  2. Development of 3D printing apparatus / system

    Development of inkjet printer head/system for high-concentration fluidic material.

  3. Development of devices using high-performance structured materials by 3D additive manufacturing technology

    Development of custom-made artificial teeth according to customer's demand with high aesthetic properties and color tones close to natural teeth(Figure 2)
    Development of three-dimensional Li battery that is compact, lightweight and capable of high-speed charge and discharge(Figure 3)

  4. Creation of innovation style

    Establishment of technology database platform for materials design in information utilization innovation center, which integrates knowledge about material, equipment, technology, process and intellectual property to promote human resource development and technology dissemination.

(Figure 2)Commercialization strategy of artificial teeth
(Figure 2)Commercialization strategy of artificial teeth
(Figure 3)Three-dimensional Li battery
(Figure 3)Three-dimensional Li battery